Protomorphagen extracts

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The animal tissues in our products provide many essential nutritional compounds, including amino acid and enzyme complexes and essential fatty acids to support the corresponding tissues in humans.

Protomorphogen™ Brand Extracts

Continuing the pioneering work of Dr. Royal Lee, certain Standard Process products contain specific Protomorphogen™ brand extracts. Protomorphogen™ brand extracts provide an important adjunct for nutritional support of cellular function. In the 1940s, Dr. Royal Lee pioneered a unique method of deriving extracts, which contain what he called cell determinants, from specific organs and glands for clinical use. Dr. Lee believed that these cell determinants functioned in cell regulation, maintenance, and interaction with tissue antibodies.

As described by Dr. Lee, Protomorphogen™ brand extracts play an important role in cellular support and rehabilitation. They provide critical cell factors that help re-establish normal cell function. In addition to the potential role in regulating metabolism, Protomorphogen™ brand extracts can be essential components for nutritional support of dysfunctional cells.

It is important to note that Protomorphogen™ extracts differ in manufacture and application from what are commonly referred to as glandulars. Because these extracts have distinct clinical applications and effects, they should not be confused with glandulars, nor should they be referred to simply as protomorphogens. Protomorphogen™ is the trademark owned and used by Standard Process Inc. as a brand name assigned to these uniquely derived extracts. PMG™ is another trademark owned and used by Standard Process Inc. as another brand name for these extracts, which is used when referring to a specific organ or gland.

Cytosol™ Brand Extracts

Cytosol™ brand extracts are derived from the cytoplasm of selected organs and glands. These extracts contain cellular factors such as enzymes, hormone precursors, and synergistic cofactors that are biochemical building blocks essential to cellular metabolism in their respective tissues. Cytosolic components offer significant clinical benefits and work synergistically with Protomorphogen™ extracts in the support of organs and glands.

Cytosol™ is the trademark owned and used by Standard Process Inc. as the brand name for these uniquely derived cytosolic extracts and should not be mistaken for or used in place of glandulars.

Whole Desiccates

Whole desiccates are glands that have been vacuum dried in our low-temperature, high-vacuum dryers, providing the entire nutritional contents of the organ in a concentrated form.