Prescription Nutrition

Prescription Nutrition

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We all know "prescription medication", but what is "prescription nutrition"?  Prescription nutrition is the counterpart to prescription medication.  It is the answer to the contemporary confusion of cafeteria nutrition.  It is the result of a thorough nutritional exam.

For many years anyone who wanted to know or use supplements was left to figure it out on their own. That is slowly coming to an end as more educated doctors and nutritionists are seeing the absolute value of good whole food nutritional supplementation.  I hear the comment in my office "I've tried that before and it didn't work" every day.  The truth is that there was no guidance!  Most often when patients are left to choose their own supplements they are guessing at what they might need but have no real idea what is right for them, how much to take, or for how long!  

No one can or should argue the point that it doesn't take much to discern the need for a good multi supplement, but what if you need more than just a multi? How do you know what to take? How much? How long? Or what should be in the supplements?  A thorough nutritional exam is absolutely necessary to get any real lasting value from any nutritional therapy.

No one should have to spend their life taking medication or supplements, but you may want or need to get out of the sorely felt nutritional rut you have put yourself in by bad diet.   By taking real whole food supplements this can be done.   The body was designed to know what to do with food so why not give it good food as medicine.  This simple principle goes a long way!  Our health should be bound to our diet, but is not, so we need good whole food supplements as close to food as possible to get us back on tract.  Although many times our diet is not pristine and we get stuck in a rut. which then justifies the need for supplementation, we always need to return to a healthy diet of real food.

At Three Kings Chiropractic our philosophy is to write a nutritional protocol to address your specific needs, change your diet and then return you to a medication and supplement free life. 

Dr Roland D Cayer